Welcome Home Kit Deluxe


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In Deluxe Kit Includes


Loose Herbal Tea

(Hibiscus Leaves, Lemon Balm , Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Sticks )

Tea Diffuser

Organic Cleansing Soap Bars

Premium Industrial Hemp aka Guest Weed

Sun Infused Sage Oil

Use on Hair, Skin or Body for Luxurious Moisture or put at pulse points to keep your personal Zen space

Intention Candle

Smudge Dish with Stand

Sage Wands

Dragons Blood –

A resin of power and protection, as well as luck, love, purification and courage

Eucalyptus Sage

An  herb of sacred healing and protection. A loving gentle herb, Eucalyptus helps to clear away distraction and worry, creating a renewed sense of peace and focus.  Ideal for smudging after sickness.

White sage

Cleansing and purifications

To use: Light the sage wand and smoke all around your body to cleanse and purify yourself. To clear the home, light the sage wand and begin in the eastern corner of your house, moving in a counterclockwise direction, making sure to smudge each corner of your space. When you are banishing negative energies, you always want to smudge in a counterclockwise direction. When you are ready to welcome peace, love and good positive energies into your space, move your sage wand in a clockwise direction and bring all that good energy in! Extinguish your wand in an abalone shell or smudge pot after use.

Palo Santo-translated means “holy wood,” has been burned as an energy cleanser, bring in positive healing energies, and allow you to approach things with an unburdened mind.

How to Use: Light a stick of Palo Santo and let the flame burn for up to one minute. Blow it out and walk through the areas you wish to cleanse, allowing the smoke to waft through the room. With a spirit of gratitude, ask the smoke for its blessing and protection.

Selenite-is typically used for cleansing and clearing energy. It clears the auric field, unwanted energy in the body or surrounding environment, and other crystals.

This crystal is associated with the crown chakra, which represents spiritual connection and transformation, as well as the third eye chakra (intuitive knowing). It is excellent to work with during meditation, channeling, or connecting with your higher self or spirit guides.

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